Sports guards supply in Ottawa

Sports guards should be worn by both children and adults while partaking in any kind of contact or high impact sport. They can prevent damage to teeth and soft tissues which can lead to discomfort, pain and expensive lifelong dental treatment. As our sports guards are custom-made according to our clients' dental features, they provide a number of advantages over pre-formed ones:

  • Better fit: they stay in place so they can best protect your teeth
  • Better comfort
  • They allow for easier breathing
  • They come in a range of colours: you can choose a colour to suit you or your team!

A custom mouth guard may defend more than just your teeth. It protects your whole head during any athletic endeavour. It may also reduce concussions, protect jaw joints, and prevent major head and neck injuries by absorbing and spreading the impact or blow.

Contact us at Hintonburg Dental Hygiene for your own custom-made mouth guards. We will only require 2 days to provide you with your mouth guards. We also invite you to consult our FAQ page for more information about our dental hygiene services.